These are the terms and conditions which you agree to abide by and are entering into when making a booking with us


  • We the company and our drivers reserve the right to refuse travel to any persons who we believe present a risk to any other passengers, drivers or vehicle they are being transported in before and during a journey.


  • If seatbelts are present in vehicles they must be worn in accordance with Uk law.


  • No smoking is allowed in any of our vehicles.


  • Food and drink can be consumed in vehicles at the discretion of the driver on the day of hire. Any soiling of the vehicle by the hirer or any of their party will incur a cleaning fee of £50 in accordance with local authority guidelines.


  • When taking a booking we will advise on approximate journey times for your trip. We check traffic reports up until the time of departure to minimise delays however we cannot be held responsible for events beyong our control that cause delay in reaching your destination and any further consequential loss arising from this.


  • Drivers will take the the most suitable direct route to your destination unless otherwise advised by the hirer.


  • It is very unlikely we will be unable to complete a booking but circumstances beyond our control can occur and we will make reasonable efforts to find alternative transport for you.


  • Further to the above, during any journey should a vehicle suffer a malfunction which prevents it from further travel then we will make reasonable efforts to arrange transport for the rest of your journey.


  • We are not responsible for damage/injury to luggage or persons during the period of hire unless it has been proven that the company has been negligent.


  • The hirer is responsible for the conduct of their and their parties behaviour.


  • During busy periods we reserve the right to sub contract work to one of our partners to undertake. If this situation arises then we will advise the hirer accordingly.
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